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Every hotel, restaurant and sports bar invests in an in-house television system to better serve their customers. But without expert installation those systems can have a lot of problems.

We are a one-stop solution for your television network. Our 18 years of experience provides expert service and advice to fix problems and make your current system better than ever before.

East Coast Digital Cable TV Solutions for your in-house television system every step of the way, from installation to programming. We install televisions in your building, whether that building is a major hotel with over 1500 rooms or a local bar with 3 TVs. We can wire or completely rewire an old system, and bring your in-house network up to date with the latest technology.

Probably the most important component of any television system is wiring. Bad wiring is the cause of many problems within the system, and fixing it is one of the most important things we do at East Coast Digital Cable TV Solutions.

Whether you’re building a new hotel or commercial structure, renovating an old one, or simply dealing with the new TVs you’ve had installed in your bar or restaurant, we’re the company to call when you need to repair or replace old wiring or do an entire prewire.
New Construction

Here at East Coast Digital Cable TV Solutions we are able to provide you with a comprehensive drawings that details how to wire your building to provide the best possible picture quality.  Our MATV Design Specialists can plan your project from the ground up.  Whether you just want East Coast Digital Cable TV Solutions to give you a drawing, design or prewire, we are the company for you.

Often times television wiring is not sufficient enough for the high demands of High Definition viewing.  The best opportunity to make it right is in fact during a renovation.  Whether your renovation is going to take 2 months or a year East Coast Digital Cable TV Solutions can make sure that you have the right cabling for the latest technology.
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